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Book 1:5 Ideas are mental infections; The infection of Identity


And idea of one's self as a self with an identity, is in fact an idea in and of itself. A self-identity is but the mental conceptualization of a perspective on the universe that is tensed in a certain manner, rather than tensed in another. As a female rather than a male, as if a female and a male existed - dualistically.

Be suspect of identities, your own and others. Work to kill them as the mental infections of your mind; ideas do not exist, save for but in the mind.

All conflict arises from Identification with external and internal thought forms. Usually these thought-forms only exist in the minds of the people in conflict and are not actual artifacts “out in the world”.

The world of human conflict is more often fought at the realm of disputing ideologies, rather than as conflict literally unfolding over the disputation of physical resources such as food or water.

An idea is a kind of infection, an infection of the mind. Ideas are mental infections, some can be benign, other ideas are deadly. Deadly as in, “I am a Muslim jihadist serving Allah by blowing up a market place full of other people from my third world village…I am a Nazi Guard at a concentration camp…I am a Christian abortion-activist willing to do anything to serve the lord including killing that doctor.”

Ideas range from simple to complex, and are the grist from which we create narrations of our lives, events, phenomena, processes, and ideas are our experience of the world of sense perceptions.

Ideas form the roots of our personal and collective identities, and ideas are the foundations upon which we learn to build our understandings of the world.

Thus, the power of an idea cannot be overstated – for and idea has the influential ability to penetrate, define, and determine our mental frames of reference and lenses through which we view the world cannot be understated.
Our collective and individual identities are formed and defined by ideas.

“I am a white, middle class man.”

This is the expression of a simple idea, tensed in time it is simultaneously both predicate and subject – maleness, whiteness, middle-classness and ME-BEING.

As an idea, it can literally infect my mind, defining how I view and present myself to others and how others perceive and react to me.


Ideas of identity are essentially thought-forms with which one has come to identity, transitively or intransitively, passively or actively.

Concurrently, ideas of self-identity are essentially concepts with which one has come to identify as one’s own essential nature, personality, being, and body. Ideas are literally “other-things” external to the self; ideas are linguistic, abstract, mental concepts, with which a person has come to invest him or herself, within. The idea of a self has become an investment of the self in the other thing that is, in fact, “THE IDEA OF A SELF.”

Speaking of the manner in which a person has come to define themselves as something else: “a republican, a Christian, A god-fearing Muslim” is certainly not a simple process. Nevertheless, it is critical and almost impossible to truly realize that an identity is but a fractured meaning; fractured meaning garnered from a semiotic, linguistic system of representation; an identity-idea is a non-living and essentialized thought-form that has become imbued with “a life of its own” – and ideas, like a Frankenstein, walk among us, as us, as one of us, as a “ME.”

Identities are infections of mind that create false categories which come to be identified by people as the essential nature of either themselves or of some other person. And identities have serious implications.
I am a Muslim. I am a Christian. I am a Buddhist. These are each implicitly different than “I practice Islam, Christianity or Buddhism.” The practice is not the self. One cannot fight over practice, one fights over identity.

To purge life of all conflict and unhappiness, purge all ideas of your identify; and all conflict will immediately disappear from life.

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Book 1:4: The Silent, Listening, Observer; the Conscious Awareness and Dualisms

1:4:1 Introduction

The mind, the mental essence of "the self", is a poorly understood phenomena. For most people, the functioning and qualities of the mind are rarely a basis of serious self reflection or examination. And most people just assume they have a mind and end considerations there. Likewise, most assume they possess bodies, and possess real biographic and mental identities, never questioning the bases by which the assume, as if our minds, our bodies, and our identities were real. In the understanding of one's life, grasping how the mind functions and awareness of the mind's fundamental qualities are each of critical importance; even though one may not acknowledge so.

As Socrates' adage states in An Apology, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Admittedly we can only assume that the converse of Socrates' adage is true, that an examined life IS worth living; and we will move forward on from this assumption, taking it to be true from this point forward. Thus, were the reader not believe that a reflective life would at least be MORE WORTH LIVING, the reader will not find utility or ease in moving forward with the alleged powers of Philosophic Perspectivity.

1:4:2 Minds Essential Function is to create Binary Dualisms, Like Computer Minds.

Essentially, the Mind functions to create reality, usually in dualisms. Yes or no, 1 or 0. There are other kinds of contrasts, but Eastern Philosophers have been captivated with Dualisms for good reason.

Importantly, dualisms, in fact, "do not exist" outside of the minds that create them. In other words, where IS the conceptualized dualism of "up" in "up and down"? Where is the "Good" in "good and bad"? Where is the "Half empty" or "half full"? Do these things exist in the world, or do they rather exist in the minds of consciously-aware brains that imagine concepts such as left and right, up and down? In P-theory (Perspecticity Theory) Dualisms exist only in the mind, caused by or as a result of cognitive abstractions (to be discussed later).

Clearly, thinking through the philosophical, scientific, and spiritual notions of "mind" can lead to contact with a lot of conceptual mumbo jumbo; and terms such as the following abound: Self, other, dualism, time, space, and conscious-awareness. Nevertheless, the important thing for our purposes is to recognize that one has some sort of mind, with some sort of uniqueness in experience, that makes Me different from You; Him different from Her; Tom different from Shaqueema..etc. But understanding the insidious nature of dualisms is important. And it is important to acknowledge that Dualisms are a product of the mind, not the outside environment.

Certainly, dualisms do not exist in the non-intellectual, amoral world of nature and animals -- the world in which Life commonly rips itself to shreds for survival on a daily basis. Thus, Perspectivity Theory will assume that the external Universe is not where dualisms arise. This-that, Yes-no, good-bad, left-right, Yin-Yang -- these terms and dualisms can only exist in the mind of the Human, and at the level of cognition and language. Perhaps this is what sets Humans apart from animals in the abrahamic traditions?In any case, cognition and language are semiotic systems which constrain, simplify and abstract reality into a manageable form of mental concepts; concepts acceptable to our conscious-awarenesses as contained within the Human organism.

1:4:3 Cognitive Geometries Provide for Simplification of external realities into mental models; models which can later be processed for the sensation of (a) present thinking; (b) "past" memory-recall, and (c) "future" prediction.

The level of detail that our sense-perceptions make available to our conscious-awareness is truly staggering. Imagine if our minds could for a moment, actually perceive the totality of the complexity of all leaves in a forest that an observer might see. Imagine the multitudes, in detail, the millions upon millions of leaves flickering about int he breeze -- there would be too much information for us to process, and we would be likely to robo-lock like a computer that is overloaded. Sometimes we can have the feeling of this overwhelming inability to process information, as when we are in a large crowd of people, or when we are inundated with too much information to quickly resulting in an inability to function: as in traffic accidents.

Dualism can help up negotiate the infinitudes and continuums of nature by compartmentalizing into manageable chunks the oneness of the universe surrounding us. A concept which will be expounded upon in a later book.

Compartmentalization can be seen in the the idea of the LIght spectrum from ultraviolet to infra-red light becoming divided first into colors, then into light and darkness.

Sciences have conceptually reduced an infinite continuum of energy frequencies to the small range we perceive -- the visible light perceivable by the functioning human eye; We only consider visible light "there".

Light has been even further conceptually reduced by language to a smaller subset of finite and discreet "colors" (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and shades; and is sometimes even further reduced into blackness and whiteness, substance and nothing, black and white. Dualism, Yes or no; Light or dark, Zero or One. Presence or absence of visual stimulation.

So, our minds commonly exhibit the feature of reduction; Minds reduce the Universe as sets of simple models; thus there are straight lines where in reality no straight lines exist in nature. There are spheres, where no spheres exist. Perfect infinite planes, where no planes exist.

Perspectivity Theories offers a concrete, acceptable and approachable manner for understanding the substance, existence and functioning of such mentalizations and even the perceived experiences of "Space" and "Time" -- as direct consequences of the way the Conscious-Awareness cognitively creates dualisms of "Self" and "Other."

Yes; thats right. This theory portends to explain the observable qualities of space and time as cognitive consequences of self-perceptions which constitute the basis for self-other binary dualism. In fact, the entire logical mind of the Human thinking, conscious-awareness is a dualistic calculator serving to separates parts from a whole, parts that are not in actuality separated, but for the mental processes which separate.

In other words, what makes a bike a bike? If the handle bars were stripped off the bike, would it still be a bike? What about one of the wheels? At what point would one recognize, or fail to recognize the "bikeness" of a bike that had 100 pieces -- after 50 of them were missing? 85? 10? 1? Whatever the answer would be it is the mental conceptualization of what a bike is that allows us to recognize.

Most frequently, people experience their aware-consciousness as if it were some narration or narrator, running on verbalizing in our minds. To many, this self-identity coheres as the form of an internalized, silent language, or a running monologue within which we constantly comment, critique, justify, guess, or predict our experiences in the world.


This collection of chatter in our minds is often referred to, in Western Philosophical circles, as "the Self" or "the Self-Identity." However, in Eastern philosophical practices, the very purpose of meditation is to become aware of the underlying voiceless, silence of the unidentified, unrecognized chattering mind -- Meditation makes apparent to some indescribable silent viewer, the "true nature" of the mind's chatter-box, "monkey-mind" -- the delusional contours of the illusory self which. Eastern philosophical thought, in particular Buddhism, usually determines that "dellusionary" identification with object thought-forms or (ideas) thought-forms that are "mis-identified" are the false root of the sensation of the self, the other, and all that is and is not the self.

At the center of our "identity" is some poorly understood conscious-awareness which views the dualisms created by our cognitive processes. Thus widely agreed upon scientifically is that the organic physical brain exhibits electro-chemical processes which are associated with cognition, thought, perception, and sensation, awareness, and consciousness. In other words, all mental activity is composed of brain (the container) and a conscious awareness in which the mind and identities are "contained". And these come to perceive the outside Universe, including the container of the brain, the body.

In Perspectivity theory, we imagine these diagrammatically as four concentric circles, with the Conscious-Awareness (CA) in the inner-most circle; the Mind wrapping around the CA, and the Identity covering and encapsulating both the Mind and the CA at the third, outermost circle. The last outer-most circle is "the brain" which contains all the rest, and outside that, the body and Universe.


The "Memory" is important and is conceptualized as a purely a set of mental-models based on purportedly real sense-perceptions of actually experienced events. The memory, as a repository of our biographic and past socio-cultural experiences is but one part of our cognitive Idea Making Machine, our brains. And the experience of remembering, immagining, or predicting the future are, in fact, indistinguishable processes on the inside of the mind, irrespective of whether they refer or not to records, or evidence in the real world.

The connections between Brain, Conscious-Awareness, the Mind, and the Identity are among the most interesting subjects of cognitive, philosophical, biological, chemical, neural sciences, as well as some spiritualities. Much is known about the connections at the scientific level; however, there is certainly much more to be learned. The details of the relations and the mechanisms which co-produce them are clearly important. Nevertheless Perspecticity Theory does not require a precise understanding of these connections in order for the theory to explain the world, and our lives in ways that can improve them.

Importantly, the brain-mind system engages memory and learning as the system creates conceptual identity from biographical experiences of memory, learning having occurred in "the Past." However, as those with flawed common sense usually discover, the way we commonly think of and idealize of the world, is not the way the world is. Many people, for example have no idea why the believed

Philosophic Perspectivity (PP) does not claim to know more than what is currently recognized by the cutting edges of natural and social sciences. Additionally, Philosophic Perspectivity requires only open-mindedness -- not omniscience, as well as the commitment for initiates in the philosophy to exhibit a degree of self reflection.

One main reason why Philosophic Perspectivity will always be limited in its diffusion across the populations of the world relates to the ignorance or education of the person, the people, or the culture or society in question. Poorly educated, non-thinkers may be disinclined to think seriously about anything, especially their current approaches to life -- even if these approaches create mental, emotional, psychological anguish in their lives. Moreover, it is unlikely that mono-theists will ever even question their religious pseudo-philosophic foundations. Even those thesists that are achieving even the lowest levels of life satisfaction, even those who are the most likely to commit suicide from depression, will be very unlikely to entertain any notions of Philosophic Perspectivity.

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Book 1:3 Perspectivity Theory

Book 1.3: Perspectivity Theory

Essentially, any person’s Experience is a range of information about the world carried to that person’s conscious-awareness by way of very well known and documented, traditionally studied set of interactions occurring between brain and environment. A well articulated body of literature describing the bio-psychology of sense-perceptions describes in detail the exact mechanisms by which any abstracted person, let us call the person Aki, becomes aware of herself and her environment.
This process supposedly carries information from the Outside Reality into the realm of Aki’s Inside Reality, her conscious-awarness. However, what is typically missing from the account is precisely that which Eastern philosophies centralize into their conceptualizations of reality: That is; what meanings the sense-perceptions have and the reactive and interactive manners in which the co-influence of meaning and way of viewing interact, are the VERY ORIGINS of your sense perceptions CAUSING one to have any experience in a particularized valence of quality: GOOD/BAD, POSITIVE/NEGATIVE, BEAUTIFUL/UGLY...etc.

In other words, Western Philosophy tends to assert the notion of ultimate, universal truths of a positive nature, while Eastern philosophy recognizes the completely relative nature of perceiver to perception; that without eyes one cannot see, and that with negative eyes one sees everywhere a negativity. That the glass is half empty, rather than half full.

The simplest thought experiment to describe the heart and core of Perspectivity theory lies with the adage,

“The glass is half empty or half full.”

The social fact of a glass at half capacity is wholly acknowledgeable by all who have the vision with which to see; if that vision be healthy, “normal” and functioning according to the design of vision and sight. However, despite the fact that all seeing people see that the glass is at fifty-percent capacity, entirely different worlds of meaning can exist between each viewer. At its most extreme and opposite, two people may see the glass as simultaneously “Half-full” or “Half-empty” exact and non-conflicting descriptions of a supposedly obvious an undeniable external reality; a cup a half capacity.
Yet, between these two non-conflicting perspectives lies an experiential world of difference; FULLNESS or EMPTINESS or UNITED BOUNTH and NOTHING. How would you rather experience the Glass? How would you rather experience your life? Most people, I would hazard would say they wish to see their life as half full!!!! Alas that most do not see the glass half full, begs the question: Why, How, Might they?

I profess that there is a Way, a Path, and a Light leading toward this line of thinking. it is simply called a Perspective which informs one's actions, words thoughts and deeds.

P1: Willful Intent Conditions Experience

However, many are the people, institutions, cultures, ideas, modes of thought, and Delusional Perspectives which would have you see, believe, think, feel, and “know” otherwise. And there will be a sometimes uncomfortable challenge in walking the tight rope of family and friends who cling to Delusional Perspectives on Self, Other, and Life that are many. So be wary as you travel this Philosophical Path; it is wise to speak of this journey to no one unready to hear, listen, realize, understand and or manifest the journey with you. For,

Only those ready to receive a lesson can identify a teacher. And only those willing to be taught may teach themselves the lesson.

Perspectivity Theory has something to say about Life, at multiple levels of analysis and is a truly comprehensive and engaging mode of dealing with, approaching near to, and shaping and influencing one’s life and, therefore, life itself. To benefit concretely from perspectivity requires nothing other than a shift in consciousness, costing nothing but effort and wherewithal. And this shift is, in quality, much the way in which shifts in an optical illusion may cause one to go from seeing the rabbit, to seeing the woman in a sudden shift “of perspective”.

Perspectivity theory will articulate the exact manners by which time and space are understood as perceptual experiences of a supposedly external REALITY; concurrently, the theory simultaneously asserts time and space are each and together cognitive constructions wholly unreal in the manners in which they are perceived, reacted to, and understood by large segments of society. Moreover, if one re-evaluates the essential nature of these truths, one may come to a lifestyle free from suffering caused by anxiety, fear, anguish, compulsion, anger, hate, rage, and disdain. All the defilements of Judgment; one of the three anchors to Hell. (these being Judgment, Cruelty, and Non-Acceptance – More on this later).

Book 1:2 Philisophical, not Spiritual Worship

Book 1:2 Philosophical Recognition, not Spiritual Worship

After reading The Statement and Book One above, My best childhood friend commented, by writing to Me stating that I am “going to become the leader of a new religious movement!” However, I would like to claim right here and now, at the outset, that becoming a part of or creating some new kind of “religious movement” is not interesting to Me.

Moreover, I shall subsequently explain why what will come to be attributed to Me, but that which is not within my personal possession, is of Philosophical, not religious nature. More on this later.

But as for becoming some sort of part of a religion, or a religious guru, neither interesting to Me would be such aims, concepts, goals or ends; never could these be for Me enviable, desired or sought after achievements. I hope to explain My perspective on these matters and have others join Me in the understanding of my explanation. And the "Me" with a capital M of which I write, is not anything other than a voidless perspective, a point of awareness of sense-perceptions in Reality. A point of Reality that has become aware of itself. Me.

What I wish to do by publishing PERSPECTIVITY is none other than the sharing of my heavenly state of bliss; the peaceful serenity that comes in recognizing one’s Autonomous Divine Choice in the forms in which one machinates one’s self in this world; that these sets of realized choice-behaviors are none other than the activity which any person notices who comes to be interpreted as a SAGE, as a KNOWER, as a MESSENGER or as a PROPHET. And I understand that others may come to view me as these things, though I wish to clearly claim none of the hierarchical relations between speaker and listener that these titles entail. And I deny any claim of social positioning, with respect to the listener, other than to say that if one (the listener/reader/thinker/and Human Perspective) comes into contact with the content of the Truths contained in the purpose of This Message, and continues to engage them, one has manifested the fact of the continued contact of this message into his or her life.

Recognize that one is or is not continuing to read these words, and that the continuance of the act fully depends upon one’s choice to do so. If one wishes to stop thinking, learning, and growing one’s understanding, intellect, and Holy Perspective in this Life, one is free to do so. Such is called the sin of SUBMISSION; The Submitting of the Divinity of the Self to Another (Idea, Person, or socio-cultural system).

Now, by extrapolation, imagine that a person adopts into his or her life, only a fraction of some of the insights one may gain in the reading of This Message; The Message which is simply that: Every Human is a God, a Divine Realm of Being which includes all the atoms, cells, and organs under the direct control of one’s own mentally manipulated Body; That all Thoughts which ever occurring in one
s Mind and all Actions, Deeds, and Behaviors in which one may engage take place either with the ACTIVE or PASSIVE acquiescence of One’s Divine Being – One’s Will, One’s Free Choice, Ones Unavoidable Participation in one’s own Life.

– You are ultimately responsible, as a God, to determine all things within your power to choose and control. I AM. All Other beings are as well, whether they know it or not. And it is that many other beings fail to recognize this, which is the purpose of this message. None other than the simple opportunity for those of us ready, willing, and able to consider other Perspectives, the opportunity to consider a perspective that can Yank one from the inferior end of a binary to the superior end of the Binary, to a place where one recognizes all Binaries as falsehoods, and stoops to Yank the Divine Beings Around them out of the Cloudy delusional thinking which keeps our Brothers and Sisters from Joining us at the FEAST of LIFE. All Opportunities to live, grow and be, under the INTENTIONAL DECISION OF THE DIVINITIES WE ALL ARE.

Choose to recognize for a moment that you are choosing to read more, to understand more, and to consider a perspective which is probably very alternative to the former perspectives which have framed and constrained your potential understandings of your life in invisible and consequential manors. The consideration of these constitutes the main artifice of this work.
Nevertheless, I do in fact also recognize that the particular forms of viewing the world offered here have the very likely and probable potential of becoming misconstrued by many as “Blasphemy against the Almighty, Divine, God of All Creation, the Creator of All, the Omega and Alpha.”

The supposition of blasphemy on my part, however, could not be further from the truth. In fact, I wish neither to create a religious movement nor to defile the Divine. Rather, I wish to pluck up all souls who have become defiled in their minds, through the continued pollution of their thoughts, words, and deeds. All those who have come to feel they have no choice, no free will, no autonomy, those who feel their lives are constrained by a set of circumstances out of their control… all those who feel consigned to live a life that was not of their choosing. I look to such people and say the truth that the truth-Sayers before me have always said, but which so many have not been able nor will they be able to hear --- that which is the TRUTH OF ALL PERSEPCITVES AND UNIVERSALLY TRUE: The Tautological Paradox
Tautological Paradox of Perspective

“Every person chooses the way he or she sees the world. Every and each person’s mental disposition(s), attitude(s), belief(s) about any or all things (i.e., themselves and the world in which they live) are but mere possible points, locations, and coordinates in a cloud of perspectual potentials which come to constitute the content of any persons’ mental dispositions, personal attitudes, philosophical and religious beliefs about things, themselves and the world in which we all live. This sounds paradoxical, and tautological, and it is admittedly both, a tautology and a paradox. Literally, how one chooses to see the world, is how one comes to see the world, it is these (rosy) colored lenses through which the world is viewed which comes to define what is seen in the world. Thus the Tibetan Buddhist said that ‘if you change the way you look at the world, the things you see in the world will change.”

The reality of the facts of expectations and beliefs feeding back into our experience of our existence and the Reality of our lives in the World are pointed to again and again by therapists, psychologists, and socio-cultural critics in a variety of poorly understood and seldom acknowledged manners. There are many, and none said here are new.

In any case, the power to choose how one approaches life is within one’s own control, whether one knows it or not. And acting on such knowledge, so as to transform for the better one’s own experienced life, and those that come to experience that person’s life, makes ALL THE DIFFERENCES and is simply a matter of any person’s choosing or not to act within the confines of his or her life, with the knowledge that, he or she may or may not choose to do or not do anything within that person’s Divine Realm of Control.

We have many unhelpful self-imposed limitations on these beliefs, which enlarge the area of our lives that is effectively out of our control: if asteroids hit the earth, or if Aliens decide to come to our planet. But outside of these rare and unlikely events, most of any person’s life is under his or her influence and can be easily and quickly modified so as to bring that person into a more harmony with his or her own self and those around him or her. If one wishes the possibility of knowing more about how this might work, or about the nature of this reality, one has arrived at a place where one might hear more about this matter.
Perspectivity: The Statement

However it came to be, I have been given ultimate and supreme control over a range of words, thoughts, and deeds that lie within that which I call the realm of my autonomous agency. Therefore, though I am a comparatively small part of an unimaginably larger encompassing reality, I claim ultimate divinity over at least myself; my words, thoughts and deeds. And I command myself as a God; My will power literally moving the matter of my body in this world. I will treat Myself as a Divine being, while treating all those others around me with the recognition of Their divinity, likewise!



Perspectivity is a gift to be offered, though Perspectivity is a gift which cannot be given. Perspectivity cannot be given in the same way that learning from experience cannot be given. For, however true the learning from anothers' experience may be, one may have difficulty in hearing that meaning and may find difficulty in understanding that meaning as the Truth, not bein experienced directly.

Thus it is that often we find that others, particularly younger more inexperienced others, simply disregard the good advice born from the abstracted experience of common sense, authority, culture and society -- of civilization. The truisms of one generation seem not to ring true until experienced directly as one's own experience in one's lived generational experience. So it is, I am afraid, with the gift of Perspectivity. A gift which cannot be given, but a frame of reference which can be received if offered in the correct time and place and in the presence of a person willing, ready, and able to receive it as the key to transforming the consciousness resulting from any less-than-ideal frame of reference...viewpoint, world-view, or more simply, from a perspective.

Perhaps the easiest way to acquaint the initiate into the concept of Perspectivity is to ask directly; "What is it that you are, what makes you 'you' and who is this self that we all seemingly refer to?" That ME, I, MY, MYSELF, that WHO I AM...etc. When asked such a question, some will make claims to the seeming continuity of consciousness and memory, that collection of experiences we call a "self" or "past" or "history". Nevertheless, when pressed, each of these concepts falls apart under the scrutiny of philosophical inspection -- where does the self reside? In the molecular machinery of the Human Body's Brain? In the psychological networking of cognition we commonly call the mind? In the fantastical conceptualization of a disembodied, spiritual essence -- for which not a shread of physical EVIDENCE can exist? in fact, many Western philosophers have already dealt specifically with the epistemologies of knowledges addressing such points: But, to no avail, the question of who or what constitutes the sensation of "the SELF" continues to remain omino-silently unanswered.

And though the question of identity is increasingly asked in an age of media-conglomerated propogandized identity, collective proscriptive "selves" created for the express purpose of selling goods and services in an internaitonalized, global market of monetized exchange; the World, Capitalist Economy -- this matter of the true foundations of THE SELF, however, while certainly important, is not germaine to the purpose of THIS SPECIFIC work; this work which is the proliferation of Perspectivity Perspectivity itself, is the insight this work aims to clarify.

Simply, the functioning of a shift in consciousness, the moving to another position of viewing one's experiences in the world; a shift in viewpoint that has the potential to completely redefine the quality of one's experiences, literally transforming Hell into Heaven, Shame into Pride, Judgement into Compassion, Hate and Rage into Love, peace and absolute SERENITY. And that is the gift, no less and no more, that this work, the Exegesis of Perspectivity has to offer. And for anyone ready, in many cases, able, and willing to do the hard work required to receive the gift, the lesson, the rosetta stone to a fulfilling and full life -- Perspectivity lies open and available for the grasping. It is, after all, ultimately, a matter of absolute Perspective. Perspectual approach to live that is constituted by, itself, Perspective.

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Your Back up against the wall, you really have nowhere to run from the fear of others finding out just how deviant you really are:

And you can either participate in the matrix of control that will only and ever force you into claiming always to be other than who you really are; and thereby, at the same time, to actively participate - complicity - in the social and spiritual fabrication of your own shame, self-deprecation, self denial, self hatred, and self loathing …

Or, alternatively, you always and at all times have the option of taking a stand – of walking toward and into the liberating light of the bravery that will surely place you as the causal phenomenal epicenter of your own social demise (and spiritual awakening); by making the choice to allow yourself to lower your social standing through your honesty, self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance and self-love…by facing the truth of the reality that is yourself.

KNOW THAT and be forewarned, that in standing tall, in not flinching from the facts of yourself you will be choosing the life that is to lower yourself with respect to the system of controlling definitions - those straigthjacketign machinations that define even the very the sources of meaning, coherence, and order.

In choosing the freedom of self acknowledgment and the liberation that is the death of self-denial, You will place yourself at the outskirts of society, on the margins, beyond the acceptable, the normal, the good, the average, beyond the legitimate -- at that singular moment you can make a choice to be true to yourself and to stand in the light of day – head held high, insisting upon the truth of your wholeness without regard to the fear of the consequences that will follow.

Be forewarned, Those witnessing around you will be quivering, in the hesitating fear that is the refusal to stand in their own truths, on their own two feet, cowering back from the realities of who they are, who they wish they could be, the personal potential and potential of person-hood they never will be graced to experience.
And as they choose to die that spiritual death of their moral beings, they will not fail to angrily condemn you for your liberty, freedom, and self love.
At every moment you can choose again by apology either to play into the system of control of self and control of others, or you can choose again to fly free from that system of control and in so doing at the same time you can choose to accept and to deal with that consequences that a move toward self-liberation always entails the death of your group identities in race, religion, nation, and state, class, and gender, conformity, belonging, sameness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family Laughter

In my family, we have the ability to laugh way down in our chests…

Like a bolt of lightning that strikes into our souls, we feel the uncontrollable force of nature, happiness, moving not only the spirit and the mind, but also the body.

And for that moment, with the heaving of muscles and the clenching of guts, for that one single moment, nothing is better, no place more important, and nothing more beautiful or pure in the universe than the laughter itself.

The third rail

Looking toward the on coming train; leaning too far over the ledge I imangined what that light must look like from the vantage of some one who had managed to find themelves fallen down onto the tracks.

Could a person that supposedly loved his life, imagine for a moment how the light slithering around the rails might look from down there?

- how that glimmer of amber illumination could foreshadow not a helpful forward movement through space and time - rather the end ending of experiencing space and time. The liquid light that slips and slides around those twin lines might now become the unsnapped halos of hellish angels come to welcome me to the sins of grief: wasted opportunities to repair my unkind words, deeds and thoughts.

And the mucky ashey refuse of so many discarded Peices of trash surrounding; the things I've done to loved ones and strangers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lets talk about something else, Ok?

As I sit on the twilight, the edge of now as the past flows onward behind me, starlight flows backwards into the eternity of space and time. The most distant stars are surely dead and gone, but the spirit of their existences flows forward on through time and through space, like memories echoing in the mind that cannot, will not ever forget.
Waking up to the non-thinking awareness of the present moment of the now; frozen in a place of peace and calm and harmony with the oneness of all phenomenon of the universe, the ultimate reality that is the Once Source of life in all of the Universe. A set of mathematical relationships that are so basic that reality floats upon their curves and crevices, sinking so deeply into the most infinitesimal of spaces, corners, limits and inner vertices. So slight and so subtle, so pervasive and omnipresent, in all substance and matter, and space, energy, element, form, fabric, fiber, thread, possibility, position, superposition, wavelength, quantum, valence, or state. Any slight difference, whatsoever that could be real, all that is too small to measure or describe but very real all the same; these are the limits and levels that completely makes the prediction of results in the system impossible, unthinkable; so chaotic. So simple the equations yet so complex it would require a computer the entire size of the universe to calculate, let alone re-read, rethink and comprehend with even the furthest understanding away from Enlightenment the results and predictions.
Your programming is real deep. Isn't it?

Let’s talk abut something else.
Honestly - you didn't even do anything but consider the theoretical possibility of exercising a divine right, a gift granted to you by the holy sacramental mercy of Almighty God; A gift, an acceptance, a forgiveness, a freedom, a love, a compassion, an understanding, and acceptance for which you should bow more deeply in a type, kind, and quality of humbleness more pure than ever before.

Everything given to you by god is a miracle, every sense organ, possibility, opportunity for experience, growth, life, love, self-discovery and self-liberation, every coming into your own, and growing beyond limitation, fear, anxiety, worry, pain, hurt, anguish or suffering.

And Everything is given to you with infinite and infinitely pure love that will and always has existed for eternity in both directions. Forward in future, backward in past, inward in the moment that is the perpetual now, the only time that ever has, is, or will be existing.


Monday, January 18, 2010

All is Fleeting

In the quiet of the room, eyes closed with a straightened back, the noise of thoughts swirl within a silent, mental chaos. Images, some from the non-existent past and some from the non-existent future blind and deafen the silent peace of non-being.

Recognizing each of these, turn back to the breathing.

Suddenly, the high pitched sound rings out, as the thirty minutes have passed. And, in a flash of hammer against bell, the eternal mental agonies of thoughts during the long period of waiting dissolve.

It is so clear now that time slips like sands from the glass, like water flows down the stream, like air escapes from the lungs… and all at once I understand that my life slips out from my body, that which moves through me, moves on from me;

A life, flowing too quickly into space and time, into an abyss, a void, a spaciousness, a vacuousness , life flies to some place that lies beyond the boundaries of my flesh and bones, and blood, and brain.

All at once I feel my form dissolving around me, time is an acid that removes my sense of cohesion from my many parts, and for me this is moving all too quickly.

The mind I have resists this essential truth and grasps onto who I think I am… who I was… who I want to be…who I wish I were.

And with before the mirror of my mind, in the silence of the zendo, I my fleeting self.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life of Snow On a WInter Hill

In Winter’s silence unfold the many shades, tones, kinds, thicknesses, textures and variants of grey; in the white of a snow covered hill, in the gray-black blues of a Winter’ day; ice, cold, wind, light through crystal, whistling, crunching snapping and cracking

On the hill to the right, where the sun still presumably shone, a white, snow-covered, pristine surface was foreground before a whitened sky with no trace of blue or ray of light – just a monotonous and uniform heaven of white;

There, a hill of no tree or bush of any kind. Just, smoothed and large and round, this piece of land sliding past the slipping and whitened sky. From these two touch, is birthed a clear and transparent horizon-line.

From the hill’s right side now comes the twilight of an oncoming nightime’s darkness. Beyond perception, this emerges.

In its first few shading-moments, the Winter Night's twilight turns clouded white-sky toward the oncoming grey. A grey which grows, from East to West, muting the hill’s reflective brilliance until night-time is fully arrived.

In the Winter’s snow-filled darkness before the glory of a moonrise, the lunar twiglight wafts its way across the hill’s darkened, midnight horizon. Soon even this midnight darkness will greet the twilight of the moon.

All through these changes of sun to darkness, of darkness to moon, of moon to morning - in all of this the hill remains white, the virgin snow of the hillside which changes in the quality of intensity only. White becomes less intense, than more, than less, than more.

The snow covered hill remains stark white; even in the moon lit sky as it was in day; the whiteness of the hillside snow never changes from white to gray or black.

And Not even midnight keeps the full moon from channeling it’s brilliance upon this starlit hill; Instead, the moon only illuminates the ground of snow-covered earth as completely as its own lunar surface.

In heaven above, the moonlight fills in beige the dust-covered hills of meteoric sands, but here, on the hill, the Moon in Winter illuminates only the dusts of clouds mixed in the colds of Winter’s wind and ice;

Oh That frozen whiteness that sunlight can shimmer upon and moon-beams sparkle up backwards into the eyes;

Illuminating the soul.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Cuts suddenly remembered; unexpectedly catching and pulling open during the routines of life.

Not a very sharp knife having sliced a finger lightly; not the skin, not the bone, not the muscle, not the flesh.

Instead, feelings repeatedly nicked over time, confused by the edge of the false comfort of family relations.

Wounds growing slowly, and the ache and stings of interacting; distance, space, and absence, the only cures.

In the fading, wiping of time, the blood is cleansed.

Regret; a forever, lingering taste.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When they breath into chilling winds their last leaves of the season, skeletons of once full canaopies are revealed, welcoming the last day of October, the celebration of the dead.

All around, God’s confetti covers the ground, the Earth, the paths, walkways, streets, and the cross roads of life.

How jarring it is to realize that others are not entranced by the sounds, the colors, and the smells of Fall; that fibrous damp scent, of dried out rotting foliage; the sensation of cold air ripping across the cheek; the delight of more colors than any painter could possibly imagine – everywhere hanging, and falling like giant pieces of rain as wind rocks the droplets from the rain-bowed clouds hanging just above our heads.

All too soon there will only be the sleeping wood of sentinels, with scrappy bony fingers and tentacles scraping long gray icy, snowy skies. But for now, the colors of heaven abound. And everything ceases, as these sensations invigorate the spirits sensitive enough to bear them witness.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Surfaces so smooth,
- almost all light bounces back -
showing who we appear to others as.

Faces so smooth,
- emotions bouncing back -
Showing who we appear to others as.

When smiles greet us, we can feel uplifted about ourselves.
When frowns welcome us, we can reflect about ourselves,
The faces are mirrors.

What can we see about ourselves in others’ ?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Confession of your number one Paparazzo:

In the pack of other men with cameras, following, filming, running and dashing to where they think you may be next, I stand without equal. I am not here to snap and sell a picture of you. In fact, my camera doesn’t even have film. I must admit, that I do not even know how to use this camera, nothing but the flash even works – I bought it at a discount off the internet.

Ultimately, I simply carry the camera so that I have an excuse to be where you are. You see, it just so happens that every time I figure out and go to where you are, these other men with cameras always seem to be there too. I don’t understand them, they don’t love you the way I do. They follow you to sell you - I just follow you so that I can see you. So I can be near you. So that that I can see you with my own eyes. In my heart of hearts I pray deeply and sincerely that God find it in his heart to allow you to talk to me one day. Touch me. Kiss me?

Of course, I go to every public performance that I possibly can, if only to hear your voice and see your skin with my own ears and eyes. To perhaps smell some part of your perfume, or to touch any place your body has been, the floor, the hand rail, a bench, the seat - Anything.

The flashing lights of paparazzi scare me as much as they must you. Really, I am always afraid that someone will figure me out. I haven’t quite figured out how act like I am a real photographer. Sometimes I even forget to activate the flash, and I just hold my camera as my heart jumps out of my chest and towards you. Their cameras are like piranha or barracuda ripping at your flash, it hurts me that you even think I am one of them.

Between their many flashes, I can see your every movement; the flashes are white like lightning-strobelights that slow your movements down into quickly fading eternities. I just wish we could have a few moments to speak, to talk, to touch.

I am not a paparazzo, just your greatest admirer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The True End of Summer;

Trees scream their whispers as canopies and branches sway in golden sunlit winds and everywhere the foliage is set in stark colorful relief against crispy and bright and blue skies, no hint of clouds.

Green leaves against blue; reddening leaves against blue; and soon to be yellow, orange, purple and brown leaves against blue. These contrasts tickle eyes with their colors, colors soon to be replaced by only the bare-thatched and empty braches of late autumn against a graying sky.

When twilight surges and the colors of sky and trees are replaced by black and white of starlit nighttimes, it is then that insect legs shout attention away from the trees – and the warmth of day is replaced by the slap of the chilly, starry, and tranquil night.

Still warm enough to feel the ebbing death of summer, and crisp enough to sense winter’s gestation. The sliding times between solstices are the equinox, vernal, and now, autumnal.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


After meditating one day in frustration upon the oneness of all things, two hands washed themselves; the left and the right. Hands holding one another; Each one bathed the other. Apparently separate, each felt itself grasping and cleansing the other, as each touched the other, and each hand felt itself more profoundly than ever they had before. Each felt itself being felt as it felt the other feeling it. And all these sensations merged into one shared and un-separated experience; the illusion of separate hands was broken. In the middle of this a mind felt both the hands feeling each other and merged with them both…and all three were one and the same. Now all three were one. A mental snapping into place replaced the delusion of separation; Now the illusion of objects separate from the self all seem like this; And the other smiling face is smiling at another smiling face smiling back at it – the shared smiles are interconnected into one and the same experience; two linked facets of one interaction. Wisdom: To treat the other as the self is as one washing one’s own hands. Kindness toward another is an interaction of kindness, a system in which one is inseparably linked. To be generous to others is to involve oneself in an interaction of generosity. Compassion towards another is to place oneself into a relation of compassion – ultimately a compassion towards oneself. Contra positively, inflicting violence or harm is to place one’s self inescapably into an violent interaction, a system of harm or violence into which one is inseparably linked. Violence towards another is to violate the self, by placing one’s self into an interaction characterized by violence. In helping/harming another the self is helped/harmed by the participation in help/harm.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Childhood Evening Rain, in Summer

Nothing but the wind and shining moonlight comforts the uncountable molecules of pooled-up water hanging together. Under their building weight they are no longer supported by the air, and so slip out of it, one by one, heading downward and out of the cool summer night sky.

The reaching force of gravity can touch them now, and so they fall towards the center of the earth, passing from heavenly black sky towards the darkened earthy netherworld.

Below, the canopy of a forest is ignorant of the wetness to come; its leaves bluster about in the still warm summer breezes; this late at night, the trees emit only all the shades of shadow. The dry crisp rustling leaves remain baked by some forgotten sun, but not dry for long. Right now they still whisper as they are rubbed against themselves by the movement of humid night-time air. Air so clean and fresh; but still so thick with the heavyness of a muggy day.

All at once, the drop is grown, its infancy gone too quickly to be remembered. It falls now and the experience is building, accelerating and overwhelming. Every other drop it knew is either left behind or whirling uncontrollably about it, tossed by wind and pulled by gravity. Sister drops are blown so far away that they will never meet again, not at least until they are crushed by ground and dissolved back into the oceans – their bodies and individualities all lost in dissolution and obliterated in form; recognizable by nothing.

Now and then, the lightening illuminates each and every one of them up, for but a second. And, although they no longer touch each other as they did once in the cloud, they remain frozen both in time and light, if only for one single instant. And for that moment only, it is as if they are together once again, this time in icy white and fleeting brilliance. All are touched by the same source of electric energy in a unified field of electric photons.

This downward journey is quick and fleeting; their birth and youth now gone, their mature life rushing to an end. Every raindrop, born to die. To fall from heaven to earth.

The sky touching the ground.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Definition of Common Sense definition of common sense.

Common sense is not what the common person THINKS; rather, the term 'common sense' refers to a mode of perception in which the world is commonly perceived. Understand; the tools and instruments that have been developed by our species, so that the species may perceive with more power any real(material) given object of interest, tell us so. When we use instruments and tools that magnify our perception of the universe (cosmologic, quantum-mechanistic), we understand that our human senses are incompletely perceiving and mis-interpreting that which is perceived. Usually we call this science; however, HIGHLY LOGICAL THOUGHT can also be similar as that which I describe. And anyway, as any social statistician can tell you, common sense is about what the average person, who by the way is an idiot, will think-- given his or her lack of understanding of even the question being asked -- let alone the depth of the phenomenon to be considered or the kinds of answers that may or may not be possible. In any case, I can't know if this made sense. But sometimes taking things apart feels pretty; as in explaining common sense. To me, An explanation takes apart a cause and effect relationship.

-Salvatore Labaro

Monday, August 31, 2009

Your Frown

Your Frown shines out like the rays of sun off a dead fish,
baking its putrid pink flesh and green scales
waterlogged as it floats at the surface of the salty sea water.

A pungent stench strikes the nose like a nailish shot of water into the sinuses
after a flip under water.

The face contraction that is your frown is like a dead and baking fish’s pungent odor
forcing my own face to frown,
like a yawn forces my own face to yawn.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hope and Doubt

Different approaches to a particular situation, life in general, the near future, the possible, the probable. Hope and Doubt are inflections of an outcome that inevitably will reveal itself over time.

Hope and Doubt are two ways to view the world, a situation, a life, a moment, a dream, the future, a bet, a test, the possible, the unlikely, the miraculous, the probable, the would be, could be or should be. Two manners in which to extrapolate forward the you and the me, the us and the we.

Paradoxically, a hoped for or doubted possibility is substantially the same in either case; and only the spiritual tone, timber, flavor, shading, and register are different with respect to each inflected possibility

Two opposite charges on the same possible outcome, to Hope or to Doubt can shape an outcome before it happens. Hope and Doubt are like two different prayers about the same possibility, calling to our spirits, the Universe, God, and all Existence, accordingly.

Is not to hope that one will heal worlds apart from doubting that one will heal?

Is not to hope that one will overcome so diametrically opposed from doubting that one will?

Is not to hope to find love opposite to the doubting that love has touched one’s life?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Echo and Echoes

An echo can say a thousand words, Having no mouth, lungs, voice or will.

It has no choice, no volition , no freedom. It has no consciousness, being utterly unaware.

Having no thoughts, feelings or actions, no perceptions or sensations…

It has no past, present, nor future. No now and no then. No ever, no never, no could’ve or can.

Having no hope, no aspiration, no intention no motivation, it arises from nothing of substance, no past-life experience, nor memory.

An echo whispers faintly through the distance what has been said.

When non-vocal, it snappingly claps through the air as a wind shattered into sound.

It emerges from and fades back into nothing, the absence, the void of the silence.

Youngsters sometimes yell out – in order to hear echoes.

And children sometimes play with that voice of a seemingly similar self - the unseen child around some geographic corner. Would that nonbeing be of same age, height and profile?

Listening to children playing with echoes, the imagination longingly pines for a long lost child, a long lost cousin or sibling, or best friend. A missing twin brother or sister, mistakenly separated and taken mysteriously away.

Both would be yearning to talk, to converse face to face, and to do so together.

My mind feels these things when I recall a child playing with echoes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Gazing into the rippling surface of water, the mind is silenced, the self momentarily released: The uncountable crests the innumerable dips, the compounded chaos that can shine forth a million shards of sunlight, emerging and fading back into shadows - created as quickly as destroyed. The splendor of anything, a sunset, the moon—are ripped, bent, refracted into so many peices that the mind cannot remember or grasp the infinity of form, the uniformity of difference. Peering into this the mind is relaxed by the colors and textures of motion, by the movements of the water’s dynamic surface - a force of nature that rips thoughts away from minds and supplements in their place, meditations.

Fading Memorie

Like ocean waves, one fades as another overtakes it.
The first is wiped forever from the Earth.

Waves live in momentary glory; they are all to be consumed by the next
of their kind.

Small waves, Large Waves, Beautiful Waves, Weak Waves, Strong Waves,
Meek Waves, Fierce waves, Forceful waves --they each evaporate into
momentum dumped onto the sands and time.

When gone, no one remembers one of them that existed, and no one may;
for, there are too many for any one of them to be unique. They are
each too uniform in their difference, too similar in their chaotic

Waves are more numerous than the tiny grains of sand on a beach; yet,
however incredibly larger than the discreet granules, they are ever
more fleeting.

Beautiful while they exist, they retreat more quickly into obscurity;
dissovling back into the fabric of the ocean from whence the came;
losing all detail, all content, all individuality.

Waves are born. Waves journey, Waves die. It is the way; of ocean, of
memory, of life.

-Salvatore Labaro

The Queue

My piercing bladder informs me I have, at most, fifteen minutes. I am
in a line, I’ve been here for nearly an hour, making my way ever so
excruciatingly slowly to the counter. Everyone, the clerk, me, the
other patrons, we are all annoyed. Most of us try hard not to take it
out on one another. The middle aged white man in front of me, the one
who has been huffing and puffing for the last fifteen minutes, he is
not so kind. He has started to, what I call, “broadcast monologue.” My
mother used to do it when she cleaned up after my father and us around
the house. It is a kind of general rant directed at no one in
particular, but is conducted for everyone’s benefit indirectly. Very
passive aggressive. At first I thought that only the lady in front of
this man and myself behind were the only ones who could hear. But I
detect from the stiffening spines of those further ahead in line that
this is not the case. Others too are absorbing the spewed negativity.

Now he has started to look for support, he’s trying to build some kind
of a consensus. – Yes. It seems others are nodding as he monologues. I
feel sheepish when he turns to ask me some inane rhetorical question.
I wonder why my head is nodding as he arrogantly cajoles my assent.
What power has gripped my nerves and muscles and bones?

Why am I smiling at him?

We inch up in line, and I am informed by the bursting balloon in my
gut that I must soon find a bathroom, and quickly. Now the clerk can
hear the bitter man. He is offensive; she is offended. His degenerate
metamorphosis into an impatient eight year-old is completed.
It is so hot, and we are all soaked in our own perspiration.

It is exactly one minute until noon. As the man in front of me makes
it up to the window, the clock ticks. The clerk looks him up and down
as he is unloading negativity like a storm cloud discharging
electricity. She locks eyes with this man stands up and lifts her arm-
and all at once I can see and agree that he deserves to be smacked for
being both immature and obnoxious. Right at the moment that the swing
comes, a window is quickly, but elegantly, lowered over the counter
and snapped into place. A stock message saying something about county
offices closing each day for a one hour lunch break fades into the

I cannot hear the angry man’s irate response – I am fleeing out of the
line and into the hallway desperately hoping I can remember where I
saw the rest-room and whispering silent prayers to God that it be

-Salvatore Labaro